Dodder : Old Bawn to Templeogue

Walking time: 60 mins

Catch the 49 or 75 bus as far as the bridge on Old Bawn Road to begin your walk.

There were the remains of a mill here at the bridge, and in the '70s and '80s the kids in Tallaght swam in a tank of water known as "The Blacker". Sadly it is gone now, but everything else here has improved. Trees line the river bank, so there are lots of birds and little spots for fishing.

Make sure to cross the red bridge over to Firhouse and keep to the left to follow the river bank.

Before you pass under the M50 you will see a weir/waterfall at Firhouse.

At Knocklyon the river curves to the right and you will join the Firhouse Road. Head towards Rathfarnham, don't take the left to Templeogue Bridge. Instead go left at Kilvere and rejoin the Dodder Valley Park.

Old Bawn Bridge

Old Bawn Bridge

Cross to Firhouse

Cross over to Firhouse here

Weir at Firhouse

The weir at Firhouse

Dodder : Templeogue to Clonskeagh

Walking time: 90 mins

You will pass behind Rathfarnham Shopping Centre and follow the path under the bridge to Bushy Park.

If you choose to follow the left bank here, make sure to cross back to the other side at the stepping stones - the last bridge across before a dead-end.

Cross the main road at the Pearse Bridge on Rathfarnham Road, and follow the river along Dodder Road Lower through to Orwell Road. This is a nice section with another weir/waterfall and narrow path down by the river bank.

Cross the bridge to the left bank and use the underpass at Orwell Road. This brings you through to Dartry Park.

The path leaves the river here for a few minutes but you can rejoin before the pub at Classons Bridge. Watch out for the Rhino guarding the bridge.

The path goes under Classon's Bridge and soon you will see the chimney from the old Darty Dye factory. Before you reach the bridge at Milltown you will see another small waterfall/weir.

Cross the bridge at Dundrum Rd, and you can choose to follow the left or right bank through to Clonskeagh. The right bank is more accessible, and is best if you are on a bike. The left bank is a narrow path starting by the row of cottages just past the bridge.

Weir at Milltown

Weir at Milltown Golf Course

Rhino at Classons Bridge

Rhino at Classons Bridge

Weir near Churchtown

Weir near Churchtown

Dodder : Clonskeagh to Ringsend

Walking time: 75 mins

When you reach Clonskeagh, you have a choice again to follow the left or the right bank. The right bank is alongside the road at Beaver Row. The left bank is (for now) a short walk to your left and down behind the pub. The path is being extended back to the bridge and will hopefully be completed soon. The left bank is less accessible but is a nicer walk. It is probably too narrow for bikes.

At Donnybrook, turn left and take the right hand turn down the side of the rugby stadium into Herbert Park and rejoin the riverbank leading to Ballsbridge.

In Ballsbridge, the path is on the right bank. You will see that there are some flood defences being installed in this section. Pass under the Dart tracks and continue on with the Lansdowne Rd stadium on your left.

Follow the riverside path and you will shortly arrive at the bridge in Ringsend. To finish your Dodder walk go down the steps on the left hand side of the bridge and walk through to Grand Canal dock and the end of the river

Approaching Ringsend

Approaching Ringsend

Lansdowne Road

Lansdowne Road

The Dodder meets the Liffey

The Dodder meets the Liffey